House Ventilator


A wind turbine ventilator does not require electricity to operate as the world is moving toward wind-powered energy. It’s clean, it’s efficient, and it’s free. A wind turbine ventilator weight 1.5kg needs 1.5 km per hour wind to operate and 2.5kg needs 2.5km per hour wind to operate.

Although the wind turbine ventilator requires wind to operate, this does not mean that it totally stops if there is no wind. Taika Denko “Free Floating System Turbine Ventilator” can operate based on the “hot air rises principle”, which means the difference of the temperature of more than 3 degrees Centigrade or 5 degrees Fahrenheit between the indoor and outdoor. This shows that if the turbine does not operate during the evening or night time is normal if the temperature between indoor and outdoor has no difference.

The turbine will function more efficiently if the doors and the windows are opened as there is air circulation. The air circulation can help to push up the congested air inside the room to the roof top through the ceiling vent and also help to exhaust the hot and polluted air inside the room to roof top and let the turbine to exhaust it out.

What will happen when there is no wind and it is raining? Based on the scientific theory, the wind come before the rain, so do no worry the turbine does not rotate during the rain fall. Furthermore, the turbine is designed to deflect water, making the system leak proof.

Every turbine has bearing. This bearing is used to help the turbine to operate. But the bearing has a life span. The life span of the bearing is based on how the turbine operates and where the turbine is installed. The life span of the bearing can be 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or more. Once the bearing spoils, the turbine will jam or stop rotating. The turbine will need to change immediately as once the turbine stops to rotate, it will cause leakage.

Taika Denko “Free Floating System Turbine Ventilator” is also equipped with a high speed limiting decide which retards high rotation speed during strong wind. When the wind is the high, the turbine will float up and down to release the excess air pressure from inside the turbine to outside through the turbine neck. This prevents the turbine from self destruction at high speed rotation during high wind.

It is rust free 100% aluminum and very light at 1.5kg or 3.3lb. Taika Industries Sdn Bhd offers the purchaser a 10 years warranty against any technical fault and installation (condition apply). There is no additional cost after installation.

Taika Denko “Free Floating System Turbine Ventilator” is ideal for homes and workplace. You can feel the difference at once. Warm air rises to be expelled swiftly along with stale or stagnant air through the turbine ventilator, as cooler rushes in to replace it from opened doors and windows.