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In 1971, a new system of turbine ventilator was invented and known as Free Floating System Turbine Ventilator. This turbine ventilator was invented by a company name Leslie Locke, Chicago, Atlanta in U.S.A. They started to manufacture the bearing system turbine ventilator in 1938. 

From 1938 to 1971, they spent 33 years in research for the solution to overcome high rotation of the turbine ventilator to prevent it from self destruction, blown off by wind and leakage. 

They went through all kinds of bearing and system, internal design and external design. For example the use of single bearing, double bearing, loose bearing, tight bearing, 3 horizontal bars, 3 vertical bars, 6 vertical bars, with 3 wing plate or 6 wing plate underneath, with 2,3, or 4 external belt and so on. 

Finally, in 1971, they found the correct system and design. They named it “Free Floating System Turbine Ventilator” and patented since 1971. Since 1971 until today, in the past ten years, not even 1 unit of the “Free Floating System Turbine Ventilator” was blown off by the wind (condition apply). They issued a warranty of 25 years for the purchaser. This system was bought into Malaysia by Denko Marketing in 1990, a subsidiary of Denko Industry, public listed company in Malaysia and introduce to Taika Enterprise in 1992. 

From 1992 until today, Taika Enterprise has installed more than 40,000 units of the “Free Floating System Turbine Ventilator” and not even 1 unit of the turbine has been blown off by the wind (condition apply) 

Everyone wants the best for themselves. Now, Taika Enterprise offers the Taika Denko “Free Floating System Turbine Ventilator” which is the best turbine in the market for you. This turbine ventilator consists of 7 special features. Today, Taika Enterprise is the Sole Distributor for Taika Denko “Free Floating System Turbine Ventilator” in Malaysia. We also issue a 10-year warranty for the above 7 special features. We will service or replace a new unit of the turbine is faulty due to any technical fault during the said warranty period (refer to the warranty card, terms and condition apply)

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